Meet the Team

Donnel Baird

Keith Kinch
General Manager

Dom Lempereur
Chief of Engineering

Kate Ullmann
Chief Marketing & Movement Officer

Jahi Wise
General Counsel

Cullen Kasunic
Head of Finance

Jose Contreras
Tech Lead

Andrea Lee
Head of Product

Ian Harris
Business Development Manager

Chen Zhen
Financial Products Manager

Doris Han
VP of Engineering Products

Gavin Gratson
Business Development Manager

Dash Abhishek
VP of Engineering Management

Aizizi Yigaimu
Senior Software Engineer

Robert Herder
Construction Manager

Jinal Soni
Full Stack Developer

Rujit Raval
Full Stack Developer

Jingru Gong
Data Scientist
Our company is backed by Silicon Valley's top investors, including early investors in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB, and Lyft as well as the Chairman of Google.
BlocPower works with dozens of incredible partners to rapidly green cities and create green jobs.
Community Retrofit NYC
The Hope Program
National Grid
NYC House Authority
City of Philadelphia
Columbia Business School
New York State of Opportunity
City of Oakland
Echoing Green
Department of Education
NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability
Bronx Cooperative Developmwent Initiative
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Con Edison