BlocPower is using the Internet of Things, machine learning, and structured finance to build a platform that will scale clean energy in American inner cities.

We believe that we can reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2-3% in the next 5 years.

How We Work
Step 1
Aggregate Buildings

We work with community leaders and institutions to assemble 4 or more non-profits, houses of worship, schools, small businesses or multi-family residences in financially underserved communities into a "Bloc" of potential retrofits.

Step 2
Financial Analysis

We perform a rigorous analysis of the financial strength of each customer, to establish the likelihood that customers will pay their energy bill over time.

Step 3
Engineering Analysis

We use real time data to provide comprehensive diagnostics for each property to determine the correct mix of high efficiency technology that will reduce each customer's energy consumption.

Step 4
Solar and Energy Efficiency Projects

Each "Bloc" spreads out the risk of default, creates pricing discounts, and increases transactional size--improving the economic feasibility of all projects.

Step 5

Investors concerned about climate change and job creation can invest in clean energy projects on our online platform.

Step 6

Investors who provide upfront project financing will be repaid out of the energy savings generated by each solar and energy efficiency project.

Step 7
Job Creation

We create jobs for local underemployed workers from vulnerable populations. However, each worker must graduate from a rigorous, third party certified green jobs training program at the top of their class.

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